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[Huggies] Calculating Your Due Date

Since you can't find out the sex of your baby until about 12 weeks, your due date is probably the most exciting piece of info that can come from the first few days of pregnancy, not counting the actual pregnancy of course. And with all of the pregnancy related websites, it is pretty easy to do from home, just do an Internet search for 'due date calculator'. A due date, no matter what the source, is only going to be an estimate. Like anything else you would get an estimate for, the more sources you use the better.

Obviously you are going to need a little bit of information. First day of your last period or date of conception will work, but for the most accurate guess, I like to find a due date calculator that asks for both and the average length of your menstrual cycle. Most calculators will give you a pretty similar date based on this information. You then can figure out when to head to the OBGYN. They will probably schedule an ultrasound to get a more accurate date based on the size of the fetus. This date, even if it differs greatly from what you have sketched out online, will likely be the date that your doctor uses, so it will end up being the most important due date. That doesn't mean if will be any closer to the actual date that you deliver, but it will be the date that determines your appts, scheduled ultrasounds, and even when the doctor feels comfortable doing things like breaking your water or scheduling an induction if you go past your due date.

I have a friend that only asks for your due month instead of your due date. I think that idea is brilliant! A good range is from 38 weeks (when you are officially full term) to 42 weeks (when you are likely overdue). If you plan to have a baby in that time frame, you will likely meet your goal. And plan to have all of your projects finished before then because baby or not, you will probably not feel like doing anything else during those weeks anyways!

What did you use to calculate your due date? Have you ever had a baby on your actual due date, or do you typically go early or late?

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!

I hope that you have a a fun and safe Halloween!! 


Candy Corn Halloween Party

Candy Corn Halloween Party from And Everything Sweet

Printable Halloween Card

Free Printable Halloween Card from Can't Stop Making Things

Halloween Bag for Mom

Halloween Mom Bag from Fun Home Things

Halloween Out For Candy Sign [Free Printable]

Out For Candy Halloween Sign from Finding My Aloha


Show & Tell Saturday - 10/27/12

Happy Show and Tell Saturday!!

Sorry this is late!  Blame this guy:

Or blame the fact that days are flying by!  Next week is Halloween and November!!  Thanksgiving here we come!  Link up all of your last minute ideas!  I can't wait to see them! 

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[Huggies] Do I Need A Baby Carrier?

When my first baby arrived, I never thought I would put him down. Of course the real world eventually catches up to you and there are floors that need to be vacuumed and dishes that need to be washed. Things that require a little hands free time. With baby number two and three, they didn't want to be put down. A nasty case of colic for both of them meant the only time I could put them down was when I was vacuuming (or left the vacuum running in the room with them).  Although baby carriers were around with all three of them, and I even owned one,  I never used it much.  I never got in the habit of using it.  Now, with the ever increasing popularity of baby wearing, baby carriers are available in just about every color, size, pattern, and style imaginable.  And I see them everywhere I go.  But do you need a baby carrier?

I can testify from experience that with the arrival of a baby, you will get really good at doing things one handed. Dishes, vacuuming, maybe even tying your other kids shoes if necessary can all be done with one hand while cradling a baby in the other.  Obviously you want to avoid doing anything that might put you or the baby at danger, like cooking over a hot stove or using a knife, but making your bed you can tackle.  So no, you probably don't need a baby carrier. But you just might want one!

Photo Courtesy of Laurie Gallamore

Baby carriers can be life savers when it is just easier to have two free hands. I mean, who really wants to tie shoes one handed.  You will still be able to bond with your baby and have them close by why you go through your regular routine of the day.  Also, the the right carrier can make carrying a baby easier on your back, something that will come in handy when your little bundle of joy becomes a bigger bundle.  And lets not forget about the convenience factor.  Anything that can make this mom job a little easier is always worth a look.  A carrier is a lot easier to take on a short outing than a full size stroller that you have to wrestle in and out of the back of your car.  Not to mention if you are planning to shop, a lot of stores do not offer much room to maneuver even a small umbrella stroller.  It will be much easier to walk through clothing racks and other tight spaces with your baby swaddled close to you.  And take it from me, if you do have a baby with colic, having a different option for carrying her around might just save your sanity.

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CutterPillar Pro Paper Trimmer [Review]

About a decade ago I was a huge scrapbooker and fell in love with a paper trimmer that sold for almost $500. There was actually a wait list for said paper trimmer and when I added myself to the list it was approximately 2 years long. That was probably a good thing because I needed the two years to save up $500 to blow on a paper trimmer! A paper trimmer so big and heavy that it would have to stay on a table and never go with me to a crop.  Fast forward about 18 months and they stopped making the trimmer, which was probably a good thing for me and my budget.

Since then I have probably gone through a half dozen other paper trimmers.  They all worked okay, but none of them ever met the high expectations I had of the perfect paper cutter.

Fast forward again to this year when I am hanging out with my friend Hilde and I see this cute green paper trimmer sitting on her kitchen island.  She shows me all of the cool features and lets me try it out.  I immediately fall in love with the gear driven blade that not only is super easy to cut with, but makes it almost impossible to chop your finger off, something I still fear as an adult when I use the guillotine style paper cutters in the school work room.  I also love the LED back light that lets you see exactly where the cut is going to be made, if you want to eyeball it instead of using the attached guide ruler for an exact measure.  And the blade is self sharpening, so you won't need to replace it!  At this point, my heart starts to beat a little faster because it reminds me a lot of the paper trimmer I fell in love with a decade ago, but it is better.  It is light weight, so I can take it with me on a craft weekend or just move it to the dining room if my kids are working on a project.  It has a handy storage tray underneath where you can store scraps or photos when you are in the middle of a project, and the best part, right now it is only $99.99!

So what was this fun green paper cutter that works like a dream?  The CutterPillar Pro.  Turns out it is actually Hilde's brother in law that makes them, so they sent me my own to try out.  After a couple dozen trips from my craft room to the dining room table and projects that range from preschool crafts to a last minute birthday cards, I am even more in love with the CutterPillar Pro.

If you have been looking for your dream paper cutter, this is the one you want to buy yourself for Christmas!  Or as a Halloween present!

You can find out more about the Cutterpillar Pro on this video:

And you can check them out at

*** Disclaimer ***

I was given a CutterPillar Pro to use for the purpose of this review.  No other compensation was received.

Halloween Games [Free Printables]

Printable Halloween Party Game from Lisa Storms

Halloween Party Drink [Ghoul-a-tini]

Ghoul-a-tini Halloween Party Drinks from Pottery Barn

Halloween Witch Treat Bags

Halloween Witch Leg Party Favors from Raspberry Ruffles


Hair Stenciling [Crazy Hair Day]

Hair Stenciling from Sugar Bee Crafts

Stenciled Sugar Cookie Tutorial

DIY Stenciled Damask Cookies from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle

Halloween Breakfast Ghost

Healthy Halloween Ghost Breakfast from Meet the Dubiens

Don't Eat Frank [Printable Halloween Party Game]

Don't Eat Frank Printable Halloween Party Game from My Sister's Suitcase

Halloween Dessert Table

Halloween Dessert Table from Party Pinching

Halloween Party Bottled Drinks

Halloween Izze Bottles from The Decorated Cookie


Show and Tell Saturday - 10/20/12

Happy Show and Tell Saturday!!

I can't believe we are down to 10 days before Halloween!  And before we know it Thanksgiving will be here (and gone and then CHRISTMAS!!)

There is just enough time to share your last minute Halloween posts.  I can't wait to check them out!

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[Huggies] Celebrating Holidays with the Family

I love celebrating holidays with a lot of fun get-togethers, great food, and all of the people that I love. But the holiday season can be hard to navigate with a brand new baby. It doesn't help that the upcoming holidays happen to be right in the middle of cold and flu season. So how do you survive from Halloween to New Year's without losing your sanity?

My first suggested line of defense is ALWAYS to lower your expectations. At first this always sounds terrible, but all it really means is to take a realistic look at what you can accomplish with a new baby in tow. Maybe you cut back on the holiday decorations. One year I let my older kids decorate the entire house with paper decorations. I didn't have to pull out all of the boxes and when the holiday was over they all went to the recycle bin, so almost no time was spent on clean up. Maybe this isn't the year to send out homemade Christmas cards. Make a list of all of the traditions that are the most important and start there. You should be able to find a balance of enjoying the holidays and still enjoying your baby too.

Another essential step is to plan for the best case scenario and prepare for the worst. With a new baby, things are likely to not go as planned, so have a plan b and a plan c. If you are headed to a family members home to celebrate Thanksgiving, when you are discussing what you can bring to dinner, ask about securing a quiet place for the baby to sleep and eat. This isn't something you want to spring on them while they are taking the Thanksgiving turkey out of the oven. Make sure you pack all of your typical diaper bag items, and then some. Even more diapers and and an extra, extra change of clothes. Toss the stroller, your baby carrier, and even a portable swing into the back of your car. You may even want to drive separately from your spouse. Worst case scenario, you can sneak home with the baby while the rest of your family enjoys the celebrations and brings you home a giant slice of pumpkin pie!

How do you plan to survive the upcoming holidays with a new baby? Do you travel out of state or celebrate at home?
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No Sew Halloween Onesies

No Sew Halloween Onesies from One Crafty Place

Googlie Ghost Bunting

Googlie Ghost Bunting from Always A Project

Candy Corn Frozen Yogurt

Candy Corn Frozen Yogurt from Studio DIY

Fall Apple Pie

Fall Leaf Apple Pie from Amy's Cooking Adventures

Spider Web Charger Wreath

Spider Web Charger Wreath from Organize & Decorate Everything

Easy Halloween Wall Art

DIY Halloween Wall Art from Better Organized Living

Fruit Turkey Fondue [Fun Thanksgiving Food]

Fruit Turkey Fondue from Clean and Scnetsible


Show and Tell Saturday - 10/13/12

Happy Show and Tell Saturday!!

I hope you are enjoying Fall, I hope you have some great projects to share this week, and I hope that I won't be around to see them because I am in the hospital having a baby!  Keep your fingers crossed that this little guy makes an appearance before my husband and kids go crazy waiting! ;D

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[Huggies] Preparing Older Siblings For The New Arrival

With my due date looming, I think I am as prepared as I am going to be for the little guy's arrival, but are my kids prepared? How do you prepare older children for a new sibling?

My oldest was 2 and 1/2 when I brought his sister home from the hospital. We had obviously talked about the baby a lot and knew that she would be a sister and had her name picked out well in advance. By the time she arrived he had already taken to calling her his 'pretty girl.' We tried to make the transition easier with lots of one on one time from Dad and a new toy and movie, both gifts from the new baby. Even so, there were a few rough patches. An entire carton of eggs were smashed on the kitchen floor one by one and the bathroom was painted with baby soap, baby lotion, and baby powder. That was super fun to clean up. That is to be expected though and it is handy to prepare yourself with an extra measure of patience until everyone adjusts. It didn't take long for him to forget that she hadn't always been a part of our family. That is one of the benefits of having babies closer together.

The last time I brought a baby home from the hospital, my kiddos were 6 and 4. Again, we knew it was a sister and we knew her name, so we were able to talk about her in a way that made her more real to her siblings. They came to the ultrasound appointments with me so they could see their new baby too.

This go round we will be bringing home a baby boy to siblings that will be 11, 9, and 5. They have each had an ultrasound picture of their brother since we first told them we were expecting and have watched the videos of each ultrasound. The three of them have offered baby name suggestions, helped paint the nursery, and assisted in putting together baby furniture. My 5 year old has picked out every outfit I have bought for the new baby. I am pretty sure she is convinced she has made all of the decisions, and that is just the way I want it. We have even talked about what her jobs will be when the new baby comes home. She can help bring me diapers and wipes, sing to the baby, and pick out his clothes.

I feel like all of them are ready for the new arrival, but I realized that I have neglected to prep them about how it might all go down. In my head I have this fairy tale of my husband being in town and my kids all being ready for school when it it is time to head to the hospital. In reality I have about a half dozen scenarios of who can come over in the middle of the night, who can pick up the kids from school, and who will take me to the hospital if the baby decides to show up while my husband is away on a business trip. None of these were ever an issue when we lived close to family and my husband didn't travel for work. Grandma was always the go to person, day or night. I think we need to have a little family meeting where we prepare them for the fact that they might wake up in the morning to a neighbor or they get picked up by a friend's mom after school. After that, I think we should be all set. Of course, I am still hoping for the fairy tale!

How do you prep your kids for the arrival of a new little one? I would love to hear your suggestions!

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Disney Secret of the Wings Review and Giveaway

For months my girls have been looking forward to the release of the new Disney Tinker Bell movie, Secret of the Wings. It will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 23, right in the middle of their two birthdays, so they were planning on it to arrive at our house in the form of a birthday present. They were extra excited when, in September, it came in the mail for us to preview.

As we have come to expect from Tinker Bell, her curiosity leads to an adventure, some fun inventions, and eventually trouble. Tinker Bell discovers that she has a twin sister, a fairy born from the same laugh, but through her attempts to spend time with the winter fairy they accidentally put the pixie dust tree at risk of freezing. This time, she doesn't just have her friends to depend on. She has her sister. Together, the fairies, including the seven new characters in this film, work together to save the tree and all of Pixie Hollow.

Disney took their dive into this story of sisterhood seriously and did their research. During the production they enlisted the help of a noted twin-study expert. They listened to incredible stories of long-lost twins reuniting and viewed footage of twins meeting for the first time. This information was used when they developed how Tinker Bell and Periwinkle reacted to each other, both physically and emotionally, when they were reunited. Even the main song from the film, 'The Great Divide', is sung by real life sisters Sierra, Lauryn and China McClain.

It was fun to watch Tinker Bell and Periwinkle get to know each other and discover the bonds that sisters share. My girls loved all of the fun things the two fairies had in common and I loved the way Periwinkle always came to help Tinker Bell without hesitation. Although my girls are young and may not recognize it, these are the same things I enjoy about watching them together too. I love watching them share interests, play and laugh together, and especially help each other. It is a bond that I am happy to know they will have for the rest of their lives.

I would love for you to share this movie with your girls too.  If you would like to win a “Flitterific Fairies Blue-ray Double Pack”  (the Blu-Ray/DVD combo), check out the Secret of the Wings website and then come back here and leave a comment letting me know what sisterhood means to you. A winner will be selected to receive their own copy of the Secret of the Wings movie.

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