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[Huggies] Do I Need A Baby Carrier?

When my first baby arrived, I never thought I would put him down. Of course the real world eventually catches up to you and there are floors that need to be vacuumed and dishes that need to be washed. Things that require a little hands free time. With baby number two and three, they didn't want to be put down. A nasty case of colic for both of them meant the only time I could put them down was when I was vacuuming (or left the vacuum running in the room with them).  Although baby carriers were around with all three of them, and I even owned one,  I never used it much.  I never got in the habit of using it.  Now, with the ever increasing popularity of baby wearing, baby carriers are available in just about every color, size, pattern, and style imaginable.  And I see them everywhere I go.  But do you need a baby carrier?

I can testify from experience that with the arrival of a baby, you will get really good at doing things one handed. Dishes, vacuuming, maybe even tying your other kids shoes if necessary can all be done with one hand while cradling a baby in the other.  Obviously you want to avoid doing anything that might put you or the baby at danger, like cooking over a hot stove or using a knife, but making your bed you can tackle.  So no, you probably don't need a baby carrier. But you just might want one!

Photo Courtesy of Laurie Gallamore

Baby carriers can be life savers when it is just easier to have two free hands. I mean, who really wants to tie shoes one handed.  You will still be able to bond with your baby and have them close by why you go through your regular routine of the day.  Also, the the right carrier can make carrying a baby easier on your back, something that will come in handy when your little bundle of joy becomes a bigger bundle.  And lets not forget about the convenience factor.  Anything that can make this mom job a little easier is always worth a look.  A carrier is a lot easier to take on a short outing than a full size stroller that you have to wrestle in and out of the back of your car.  Not to mention if you are planning to shop, a lot of stores do not offer much room to maneuver even a small umbrella stroller.  It will be much easier to walk through clothing racks and other tight spaces with your baby swaddled close to you.  And take it from me, if you do have a baby with colic, having a different option for carrying her around might just save your sanity.

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