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7 Spooky Halloween Cakes

Having a girl with a Halloween birthday makes looking at Halloween cakes even more fun.  We usually don't have birthday cake on Halloween because the night is already so full of sugar, but these spooky Halloween cakes make it hard to resist.

Halloween Cake Ideas


Chicken Wire Ghost Tutorial

These spooky Halloween decorations are ghostly outlines made from chicken wire.  These chicken wire ghosts have become my all time favorite Halloween decoration idea.

DIY Ghost from Wacky Archives

Halloween Pudding Ghost Cups

Last year I was out of town when the sign up sheets for the preschool Halloween party was set out.  I was hoping to snag the juice boxes because I wanted to make the very easy, but still pretty dang cute Mummy Juice Boxes that I made last year.  Sadly, by the time I saw the sign up, the only slots left were for table cloths and 'other snack'.  I grabbed the other slot and made a snack that turned out even easier than the mummy juice boxes.  Halloween Ghost Pudding Cups.

Halloween Pizzas [Halloween Dinner Ideas]

Halloween Pizza from Within the Kitchen


Printable Halloween Luminaries

Found a link to these great printable images from Not Just Decorating:

Katie used them to make these great luminaries:

They would be great for all sorts of Halloween crafts.  Even invitations.  You can download them HERE.  And you can also check out how she turned them into these great luminaries.