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Chicken Wire Ghost Tutorial

These spooky Halloween decorations are ghostly outlines made from chicken wire.  These chicken wire ghosts have become my all time favorite Halloween decoration idea.

DIY Ghost from Wacky Archives

When I first saw this image of a chicken wire ghost I thought it was Photoshoped.  It didn't help that it is one of those Pinterest posts where there is no actual source.  Just a pin of a pin of a pin.
So I did a little searching and I found these fabulous chicken wire dresses.

But still no source.  But by this time I was IN LOVE with the idea.  So I kept digging and found the original tutorial on how to make a chicken wire ghost over at Wacky Archives and then I found this chicken wire ghost dress tutorial over at Sew I Quilt.

I think the combination of the two will help you make whatever scary ghost figure in your yard that you could wish for.  I have to say that these are so cool they actually give me the heebie jeebies a little!  Which only makes me want them more!
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