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CutterPillar Pro Paper Trimmer [Review]

About a decade ago I was a huge scrapbooker and fell in love with a paper trimmer that sold for almost $500. There was actually a wait list for said paper trimmer and when I added myself to the list it was approximately 2 years long. That was probably a good thing because I needed the two years to save up $500 to blow on a paper trimmer! A paper trimmer so big and heavy that it would have to stay on a table and never go with me to a crop.  Fast forward about 18 months and they stopped making the trimmer, which was probably a good thing for me and my budget.

Since then I have probably gone through a half dozen other paper trimmers.  They all worked okay, but none of them ever met the high expectations I had of the perfect paper cutter.

Fast forward again to this year when I am hanging out with my friend Hilde and I see this cute green paper trimmer sitting on her kitchen island.  She shows me all of the cool features and lets me try it out.  I immediately fall in love with the gear driven blade that not only is super easy to cut with, but makes it almost impossible to chop your finger off, something I still fear as an adult when I use the guillotine style paper cutters in the school work room.  I also love the LED back light that lets you see exactly where the cut is going to be made, if you want to eyeball it instead of using the attached guide ruler for an exact measure.  And the blade is self sharpening, so you won't need to replace it!  At this point, my heart starts to beat a little faster because it reminds me a lot of the paper trimmer I fell in love with a decade ago, but it is better.  It is light weight, so I can take it with me on a craft weekend or just move it to the dining room if my kids are working on a project.  It has a handy storage tray underneath where you can store scraps or photos when you are in the middle of a project, and the best part, right now it is only $99.99!

So what was this fun green paper cutter that works like a dream?  The CutterPillar Pro.  Turns out it is actually Hilde's brother in law that makes them, so they sent me my own to try out.  After a couple dozen trips from my craft room to the dining room table and projects that range from preschool crafts to a last minute birthday cards, I am even more in love with the CutterPillar Pro.

If you have been looking for your dream paper cutter, this is the one you want to buy yourself for Christmas!  Or as a Halloween present!

You can find out more about the Cutterpillar Pro on this video:

And you can check them out at

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I was given a CutterPillar Pro to use for the purpose of this review.  No other compensation was received.


Omgirl said...

Wow, that sounds like a seriously AWESOME paper trimmer! Someone super smart, creative, patient, and driven, not to mention HANDSOME, must have spent a lot of time creating such a wonderful crafting tool. ;)

Would it be too many to have one for each room of the house??

Debra Kapellakis said...

It looks like a great thing to have.

Unknown said...

oh I am definitely going to let it be known...well before Christmas what I would like.... a Cutter pillar pro please santa!

donnaj531 said...

How much longer do we have to wait? My daughter ordered hers in Feb. and it is now almost Oct. 2013 What is the hold up???

Lorie said...

I would recommend contacting the manufacturer for this information.