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Decorative Pumpkin Pie Crust

The Greatest Pumpkin Pie from Will Cook For Smiles

Pumpkin pie is pretty much a Thanksgiving staple for everyone, but it isn't the prettiest looking pie.  I always love when I find a beautiful pie crust and this giant pie leaf crust on this pumpkin pie is a great way to dress it up for Thanksgiving dinner.

You can check out the recipe for this beautiful pumpkin pie over at Will Cook For Smiles.

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s'mee said...

lol Because I live in the southern deserts, I don't see maple leaves very often. My first thought at seeing this pretty little pie was, "Oooooh Ca na da! -hmm, Canadian Pumpkin Pie!"

oops. I guess folks everywhere trees can grow probably have beautiful fall *maple* leaves! lol