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[Huggies] Calculating Your Due Date

Since you can't find out the sex of your baby until about 12 weeks, your due date is probably the most exciting piece of info that can come from the first few days of pregnancy, not counting the actual pregnancy of course. And with all of the pregnancy related websites, it is pretty easy to do from home, just do an Internet search for 'due date calculator'. A due date, no matter what the source, is only going to be an estimate. Like anything else you would get an estimate for, the more sources you use the better.

Obviously you are going to need a little bit of information. First day of your last period or date of conception will work, but for the most accurate guess, I like to find a due date calculator that asks for both and the average length of your menstrual cycle. Most calculators will give you a pretty similar date based on this information. You then can figure out when to head to the OBGYN. They will probably schedule an ultrasound to get a more accurate date based on the size of the fetus. This date, even if it differs greatly from what you have sketched out online, will likely be the date that your doctor uses, so it will end up being the most important due date. That doesn't mean if will be any closer to the actual date that you deliver, but it will be the date that determines your appts, scheduled ultrasounds, and even when the doctor feels comfortable doing things like breaking your water or scheduling an induction if you go past your due date.

I have a friend that only asks for your due month instead of your due date. I think that idea is brilliant! A good range is from 38 weeks (when you are officially full term) to 42 weeks (when you are likely overdue). If you plan to have a baby in that time frame, you will likely meet your goal. And plan to have all of your projects finished before then because baby or not, you will probably not feel like doing anything else during those weeks anyways!

What did you use to calculate your due date? Have you ever had a baby on your actual due date, or do you typically go early or late?

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