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Ghostly Glow

Vintage Halloweem


Amy Atlas Halloween

I know I have posted this Halloween spread from Amy Atlas before, but nothing puts me in the party mood like Amy!

Cat Crudites

Beautiful Bats

I love this door! Even though I KNOW that those leaves weren't really there and they just staged the picture that way! Next year, when we live in Austin, we will go and sit in the park and watch over a million bats fly out of a cave into the sky at night. And I will probably be scarred for the rest of my life, so this will probably be the last time I think this display is cool.

You can get the template for these bats at Country Living.

Fork in the Eye

If you are serving anything eyeball themed at your dinner today, I really think you should serve them on forks:


Getcha in the Spooky Spirit

I hope you are having a great Halloween! Today I will be posting some fun pictures to get you in the Spooky Spirit! I hope you have a GREAT DAY!

The Halloween decorations are great...but I really just want the house! You really need to stop over at Brooklyn Limestone in Progress to see these in full size!!

Happy Halloween!!

I hope you have a very Happy Halloween! And if you aren't a fan of Halloween, then at least you can celebrate that tomorrow we will be moving on to Fall decor! Either way, have a great day!! And don't eat too much candy. Unless it is really good candy. Then go for it!


Crunchy Eyeballs

Because I really feel like I have let my eyeball fans down this year:

These crunchy eyeballs from delish are just donuts dipped in chocolate with some gummy lifesavers and M&Ms. You can get the recipe HERE...because everyone should eat donuts that are candy coated AND dipped in chocolate.

Which totally reminds me of a movie quote...Cowboy Crunchies: the only cereal that is sugar coated and dipped in chocolate. Do you know what movie that is from? If you do you just might be my EBFF soul mate. And you probably will let your kids eat donuts with chocolate and candy! :P Okay, maybe not!

Ghostly Pretzels

I was doing a Google search for some mummy costume ideas (The Boy is going to be a mummy and he is going to have his costume on for a LONG TIME so I was trying to find the easiest way to attach the bottom pieces to a pair of pants so we won't have to spend 30 minutes unwrapping and wrapping him back up if he has to actually go to the restroom!

Well I found some ideas about hot gluing it to a pair of pants (I was thinking about using safetly pins so we don't have to throw the pants away) on a blog called Notes from the Cookie Jar.

A few posts after the Mummy directions she posted these:

These fun ghostly treats are chocolate dipped pretzels with M&M eyes. She actually put them on top of a brownie (YUM!) but I think they would be cute on a chocolate frosted cupcake!

You can read all about them at Notes from the Cookie Jar.

Them Bones

These bones are from Epicurious:

And ironically enough they are very similar to the earwax q-tips.

You take a pretzel stick, put marshmallows on each end and then dip them in white chocolate.

We will have to see how Saturday goes...because I have all of the ingredients to make these, but between recital practice, a football game, a birthday party and the regular Halloween festivities we will have to see if we can find time to have the kids make these.

Ear Wax

I found this at Simply Red and if you are looking for a last minute snack to gross someone out for Halloween THIS IS IT:

These sucker sticks, mini marshmallows and peanut butter make Q-tips and ear wax! I know! Gross right! But just think of the possibilities! You could have caramel earwax too!


Irrational Halloween Decor Take 2

I actually feel guilty about still posting Halloween stuff because I don't want you to find anything you HAVE TO DO before I thought I would go back to posting things I would LOVE to do but are probably to irrational to ACTUALLY do...remember the orange front door?

What about orange dinning room chairs:

I kinda LOVE them! And the crazy thing is that picture came from Savers. I had no idea that they even HAD Halloween ideas on their site.

Owl Hat and Scarf

This Owl Hat and Scarf from Ruffles and Stuff is a cute tutorial for fall, but could also be a quick and cute (and reusable) Halloween costume if you find yourself in need of one before Saturday:

Candy Corn Cupcakes

It is getting pretty late in the game, but if you are looking for a cute and easy Halloween dessert, these candy corn cupcakes from Our Best Bites might be just what you were looking for:

Store bought white cake mix and some yellow and orange gel food coloring. Add some white icing and you have yourself a cute candy corn cupcake that thankfully doesn't taste anything like a candy corn.

You can see the full tutorial HERE.


Mini Caramel Apples

I posted about these mini caramel apples over last year:

But I found another tutorial over at Duhlicisous that I thought I would share:

You can check out her tips HERE.

Witches Hats

I made these witch hats last year:

That isn't my picture, its Betty Crocker's picture. I can't find my pictures, but they looked a lot like that, minus the bow! What I did do is stick them on top of a scoop of ice cream. Sort of like this hat from Baking Bites:

The web is really cute too!! The version I made was pretty simple, chocolate covered shortbread cookies that you buy in the cookie isle and Hershey kisses. I melted some chocolate to hold them together, but you could use orange icing too.

Nicole's look pretty simple too and you can get the instructions HERE.

Ewwwww! Meatloaf Hand!

Not Martha used a gelatin hand mold to make this:

A disgustingly awesome meat loaf hand. And if the onions she used for the fingernails weren't gruesome enough...she put a hunk of onion at the wrist that looks like a bone. You can check out all of the pictures and instructions HERE.


Monster Cheese Fingers

We always make witch fingers for Halloween (long skinny bread sticks with an almond sliver for a nail), but this year I think I will add monster fingers to the kids table:

This fun recipe from Family Fun is just cheese sticks (which I already need for the mummy pizzas anyways) and a piece of green bell pepper. They attached it with a little cream cheese and you have yourself a yummy little goblin digit!

Simply Silhouettes Winner

I finally got around to posting the winners to the Simply Silhouette giveaway! I apologize that it took so long! It started off as a crazy week (One birthday party, two school parties, and three unfinished costumes) and got crazier as the hours passes (lets just say that there is currently a hole in the ground where my shower used to be).

So without further ado, you can check out who won HERE.

Toe Tag Invite

You can download these fun toe tag invites at Brooklyn Limestone in Progress:

It may bee too late to send them out as party invites, but I think they would be hilarious tags on party favors! You can download the front and back HERE.

Spider Picks

And this is why I keep going back to Martha:

I may never make the three tiered haunted house cake that has 102 steps, but these I can do! Buy a bag of spider rings, use scissors to cut off the ring, poke a hole in the bottom with a needle and insert a toothpick into the hole.

And I couldn't love them more. And they couldn't be any easier. And it is stuff like this that makes me love Martha even after I waste 26 hours trying to make a haunted house cake.


Halloween at Something To Do

Chris from Just a Girl featured this really fun Halloween Wreath on Friday:

This cute Tulle Wreath was made by Jamie at Something To Do. And I am in love with ALL of her Halloween decorations.

Like these pennant flags:

And the coordinating pennant banner:

And this is what she has hanging in her laundry room:

Witch's Wash, Darks Only. How fun is that! I cannot wait to see how she decorates for Christmas!!

Vintage Halloween Garland

Junk Garden Girl posted some pictures of different Halloween garlands. This one was my favorite:

It looks like they used pages from an old book or vintage cards with Halloween images. The only problem is I have NO IDEA where to get either of those. But I do think it would be fun to use the same idea and print out some of the Halloween labels that are floating around, like theses:

I think I love this idea...but I think it is going to have to wait until next year! Someone remind me next year, okay!

Healthy Halloween

And thanks to Edible Crafts for all the fun links!


Favorites October Finds of 2008

This is probably my NUMBER ONE favorite find from last year:

I kicked myself all of last year for not making one and I am kicking myself again this year.
Next year I WILL have one on my house! I might make on in Orange too. And if I did make an orange one I could leave it up all year, since we are moving to Longhorn Country!!

Someone please hold me to my word!

Favorites October Finds of 2008

Favorites October Finds of 2008

This post was originally about the great table cloth made from cheesecloth, but looking at it again I love all the black frames in the background and I am pretty sure they are using a hallowed out pumpkin to hold dip. All great ideas. And I still love the eerie table cloth.

Favorites October Finds of 2008

I thought I would use today to repost some of my favorite ideas from last year.

Starting with this one:

Simply Silhouettes

Today is the last day to enter to win a silhouette print:

Check out the details HERE.


Pumpkin Wreath

Cute and easy. That is all I have to say about this wreath from BHG:

Except I don't think that bow does this wreath justice. Okay, THAT is all I have to say about this wreath!

Little Pumpkin Luminaries

Martha used little white pumpkins as luminaries:

And although I love them, what I love more is how she carved these little beauties! She used metal cookie cutters. She pushed them into the pumpkins and then removed them with pliers. Once they were out she finished the job with a serrated knife.

I always love a good use for a cookie cutter!

Halloween Oreo Cheesecake

That darn Nicole from Baking Bites! I have been trying to narrow down my Halloween dessert list and I finally had it down to two treats, and then she posted this:

Mini Halloween Oreo Cheesecakes. Look at that fun orange Oreo! You can get the recipe here.


Country Living Table

The jack-o-lantern in the glass bowl is a great centerpiece for a table:

but all I can really see when I look at this picture are the yummy chocolate covered caramel apples and that gorgeous glass cake stand.

I think it is time for us to make some caramel apples. What is your favorite coating? I love nuts. Any kind of nut. My hubby loves Oreos. I don't think the kids have a favorite, as long as it has sugar in it. What about you?