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Witches Hats

I made these witch hats last year:

That isn't my picture, its Betty Crocker's picture. I can't find my pictures, but they looked a lot like that, minus the bow! What I did do is stick them on top of a scoop of ice cream. Sort of like this hat from Baking Bites:

The web is really cute too!! The version I made was pretty simple, chocolate covered shortbread cookies that you buy in the cookie isle and Hershey kisses. I melted some chocolate to hold them together, but you could use orange icing too.

Nicole's look pretty simple too and you can get the instructions HERE.


Devri said...

My kids made those in their class today! :D

btw- I am sooo making that hand (meatloaf) this week! thanks

steph said...

the hats are so cute. We will have to try this and maybe do it for christmas and santa's hat (some how). I will skip the meatloaf hand that is a little scary. lol

Becca said...

Love the idea. I have seen some on other blogs and this is one of my fave. You always find the coolest stuff Lorie. It's nice to have a 1 stop idea shop :)

Spyros said...

Very cool ideas indeed!
Not so sure about the meatloaf but the hats look incredible! It's going to be my first halloween celebration this year so I'm planning to try these for sure!

Amanda said...

Very cute! :)