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Ghostly Pretzels

I was doing a Google search for some mummy costume ideas (The Boy is going to be a mummy and he is going to have his costume on for a LONG TIME so I was trying to find the easiest way to attach the bottom pieces to a pair of pants so we won't have to spend 30 minutes unwrapping and wrapping him back up if he has to actually go to the restroom!

Well I found some ideas about hot gluing it to a pair of pants (I was thinking about using safetly pins so we don't have to throw the pants away) on a blog called Notes from the Cookie Jar.

A few posts after the Mummy directions she posted these:

These fun ghostly treats are chocolate dipped pretzels with M&M eyes. She actually put them on top of a brownie (YUM!) but I think they would be cute on a chocolate frosted cupcake!

You can read all about them at Notes from the Cookie Jar.


Kacey said...

So cute! I'm sad our eye ball dialogue is coming to a close for the year. It was just be too weird to talk about eyeball cupcakes during any other time. LOL Good luck with the costume! {{HUGS}}

Amie said...

That's brilliant!

Janiece said...

I think I will be trying that!!

oneordinaryday said...

My daughter was a mummy last year. I just bought a really cheap sweatsuit ($6) and hot glued strips of an old torn up sheet onto it. It was a little heavy but that way she could take it on and off. You have to be careful not to glue the whole strip though so the material still has room to stretch for pulling it over their head though. I just did dots on the seams mainly. It worked fine, so if your other ideas don't work out, you could try that.

btw - Love those ghost pretzels. So cute and easy.

Anonymous said...

Dang...this is so creative, I wish I'd thought of it first! =)