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Monster Cheese Fingers

We always make witch fingers for Halloween (long skinny bread sticks with an almond sliver for a nail), but this year I think I will add monster fingers to the kids table:

This fun recipe from Family Fun is just cheese sticks (which I already need for the mummy pizzas anyways) and a piece of green bell pepper. They attached it with a little cream cheese and you have yourself a yummy little goblin digit!


Anonymous said...

Omgoodness! I am so glad I came across your blog. I love it!
I am so thankful for the easy "finger food". I was in a search for something quick and spooky...and this is it!

Erin said...

R U making these for Saturday??? PLEASE SAY YES!

oneordinaryday said...

I've seen fingers made out of dough before but this is brilliant and so much easier. I showed my kids and they both said they were too gross to eat. : ) Love that!!!