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Vintage Halloween Garland

Junk Garden Girl posted some pictures of different Halloween garlands. This one was my favorite:

It looks like they used pages from an old book or vintage cards with Halloween images. The only problem is I have NO IDEA where to get either of those. But I do think it would be fun to use the same idea and print out some of the Halloween labels that are floating around, like theses:

I think I love this idea...but I think it is going to have to wait until next year! Someone remind me next year, okay!


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Gotta hook a sister up.

Probably too late, but for next year:

Katie said...

The first thing I thought was that Graphics Fairy could totally hook you up, then I saw Rebecca's comment above. You know the same idea with Christmas vintage pictures would also look very sweet and pretty.

Cuscini said...

Oooh, finally after reading this wonderful blog for so long, I can help! I have a fabulous source for antique postcards -- and they have a huge collection of vintage postcards for other holidays, too. Really charming merchandise -- and the service is very personal and fast. It's Traveling Picture Show, and here's the link to their web site:

They're very nice, and you can just call them and order by phone if you like, too.

And please come visit my new Cape Cod blog, too and see my wild grapevine wreath tutorial, too. I'm at