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Irrational Halloween Decor Take 2

I actually feel guilty about still posting Halloween stuff because I don't want you to find anything you HAVE TO DO before I thought I would go back to posting things I would LOVE to do but are probably to irrational to ACTUALLY do...remember the orange front door?

What about orange dinning room chairs:

I kinda LOVE them! And the crazy thing is that picture came from Savers. I had no idea that they even HAD Halloween ideas on their site.


Janean said...

fresh and modern!

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

I think orange chairs would be fun to have all year long! :)

Katie said...

Today while taking ER to preschool I noticed a front door that looked like it was painted orange with black jack o' lantern facial features added. I know that door used to be brown, my husband can't believe anyone would paint their door over but I can't imagine how else it got that way. It is definitely not anything hanging over or something like that. Anyway, it made me think of you and your love of Halloween!

Amanda said...

I love the eyes on the glasses, very cute!

jess said...

Maybe you could get a set of chairs and repaint them for every & red for christmas, pink & white for valentine's day, pastel for Easter, etc...I guess by next halloween they would be pretty 'thick' huh? LOL. Oh well, we can dream :)