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Pysanky by Make Something

Pysanky is the Ukrainian art of egg decorating.  These eggs by Make Something are unbelievably beautiful.

How great would it be to just sit and decorate a dozen of these for hours uninterrupted.  No little hands trying to touch the melted beeswax.

This is like the grown up version of coloring your eggs with crayons before you dye them.

You can read more about these beautiful eggs and the wonderful technique used to create them HERE.


Mary said...

My mom used to make these all the time! They were her hobby and a stress reliever for her! Now that she has passed away, all of my siblings and I have about 1/2 dozen each of her beautiful eggs. Seeing this post brings back so many memories of watching her make and decorate her eggs! I can do simple designs myself, but sadly, am not as talented as my mom was!

Sarah said...

My grandma grew up in the Ukraine until she was 16. We have a kit at my parents house to do it and I have been thinking about it a lot this year. She passed away about 18 months ago and this is the hardest time of year for her to be gone. Easter was her favorite time of year! I am hoping to teach my children about it and let them attempt to do it the same way I did as a child. Thanks for sharing the wonderful memory!

Tara said...

Those are beautiful.