Olympic Themed Food Fun

Olympic Ring Fruit Plate from the Kitchen

The opening ceremonies for the Olympics is tonight and I thought I would dig up some fun Olympic themed treat ideas.  These fun treats are a great way to get your whole family excited for the Olympics.

How To See Who Has Viewed Your Instagram Stories

If you are curious who has viewed your Instagram Stories, 
here is how you can find out who has watched.

Instagram Stories Quick Start Guide for Beginners

If you are a Snapchat user, than you probably already have Instagram Stories figured out.  It is almost identical, minus the filters, but a lot easier to navigate for the beginner.

If you are an Instagram user that has never ventured over to the world of Snapchat, here is a quick start guide on how to use  Instagram Stories.

(if you have no idea what I am talking about, do a quick update of your Instagram app)


Instagram Stories will only show for 24 hours (like Snapchat).  And they will not appear in your regular feed.  So you can keep your beautifully curated Instagram feed and still post that picture of those cute shoes you found at Target or your broken toe.  It will be gone tomorrow.

Instagram Stories show on the top bar of your Instagram home page.  You can click on any of those profile pictures and watch their story.  They will continue to play until you X out.

And if you want to use Instagram the old fashioned way, just scroll down.

S'mOreo [S'mores + Oreo]

Oreo S'more

We are eternally on the hunt for the best s'more combinations.  Don't get me wrong, the traditional combination of graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow is pretty perfect, but you can spend an entire summer finding fun ways to recreate this iconic combination.   

4th of July Ideas [Independence Day]

4th of July Wreath from Naptime Crafting
4th of July Drink Stirrer from Martha Stewart
Patriotic Paper Chain from A Pumpkin and a Princess

Now that we have celebrated Memorial Day it feels like Summer is in full swing, which means we can start thinking about the 4th of July!! 

Here are links to the over 200 ideas I have in my archives of great 4th of July ideas

 Start planning your barbecue with these 4th of July Party Ideas and don't forget the patriotic desserts!

If you haven't started already, now is the perfect time to start putting up your 4th of July decorations!

With the extra time that Summer brings, you can keep your little ones busy with these 4th of July crafts for kids.  There are a few for mom too! 

And Independence Day wouldn't be complete without stars, stripes, and flags