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Homemade Butter Valentine

Have you ever made homemade butter?  I have only done it once.  Three years ago for Thanksgiving.  And actually I didn't even add the ingredients to the jar, I just shook it until it became butter.  It is actually really easy, and a fun activity for kids.  But it wasn't until I saw this post from Maize Hutton that I thought it would be a cute Valentine:

What a fun gift to give people in the office or your neighbors or even your kids teachers.  Add some red and pink heart printed fabric to the lid of a baby food jar and add the cute Spread the Love label.  You could even bake some cranberry bread and wrap it in this cute wax paper from Martha:

Since Valentine's Day is on a Monday, this would be a fun project for the kids to help with the weekend before.


Cindy said...

It's really that easy to make butter? Awesome! I might have to try it!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

I love the butter idea with the cute label. You could add a cute spreader too - I gave these "spread love" knives with orange butter one time:

Myrnie said...

I make butter with leftover cream in the kitchenaid- takes about 10 minutes, and you'll want to throw a towel over the top for when it seizes into butter. The buttermilk wants to splash! This is a super cute idea!

Lorie said...

Cindy. Your arm will get tired, but it really is that easy. It takes at LEAST 15 minutes of shaking, which is why it is good for kids.

Randi, those spreaders are SO CUTE!!

Myrnie, so do you just use your beater?

Lee Ann L. said...

Wow on the butter! Thanks for the link! I bookmarked it. :-)