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I Heart Valentine's Day Party

I do *heart* Valentine's Day, but this post is about the I Heart Valentine's Day Party from Anders Ruff that Hostess With The Mostest featured:

These pictures make me glad I have apothecary jars and mini trifle dishes:

These soda bottles decorated with cute printed paper are actually my favorite:

So easy to make for a party or for a unique Valentine.

And I love that instead of the typical tissue paper pom poms or paper lanterns, they decorated above the table with these paper plate polyhedrons:

You can get the tutorial for them over at  Family Fun and you can get all of the cute printables from Anders Ruff:


SarainAkko said...

I'm kind of in adorable overload, and yet, I still want more. I love that the winter holidays this year seem to have swiftly made the crossover to Valentines Day.

Kelli W said...

I love the paper plates!! And is that cotton candy in the jars? LOVE that idea too! Thanks for sharing!

Lorie said...

Sara, I wish that Valentine's Day wasn't until the end of February so that I had more time!! I have to leave winter behind quickly so that I have enough time to enjoy all the pink and red goodness!!

Kelli, it is cotton candy. And I am so making the pink paper plate polyhedrons for my sons class for Valentine's Day!!

Lisa from Craftified! said...

I am in love with having a Valentine party like this. Is this not the cutest thing ever!