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Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers

I have been trying to think of some prizes for the class party games we will be playing on Friday.  The decorations and games are all winter themed, and I think I finally found the perfect prize:

I am going to get some full size Hershey bars and decorate them to look like snowmen.  The Santa is really cute, but I think I will keep with the winter theme (and the keep it simple theme) and makes some of the very cute snowman candy bars.

You can see the instructions over at Martha Stewart.


Pam said...

those are adorable!! I've been looking for a cute craft to do with my baby cousins.... this is perfect! :)

janadec9 said...

These turn out really cute...I did them for one of my munchkins gift exchange last year...They also played a cute game with them, if you need more ideas.

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I love the snowmen!!
I think I'll give them a try!

Michelle said...

Those are so cute! And to think something as simple as a candy bar can be turned into a great prize. Kids would love this.

Kori said...

The snowmen are adorable! You always find the cutest things! Kori xoxo