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Chalkboard Door

I am ALWAYS forgetting things that I am supposed to take places. It doesn't matter what it is or what I do to TRY to remember it, nine times out of ten it is still sitting at home where I get to where I am going.

Maybe writing myself a note on my door would help:

image from OhDedDoh

(I thought I would throw in a few random non-Thanksgiving posts. Just in case you don't like Thanksgiving. Or in case you are from Canada and have already celebrated Thanksgiving. Or from another country that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving at all or are on the other side of the world where it is Spring instead of know, just in case! Oh, and because I can't resist a good chalkboard idea.)


Creative Craft Ideas said...

This is such a cute idea...I have a dresser that I have wanted to try some chalkboard paint on...I may just have to get daring and JUST DO IT!


Ashley's Thrifty Living said...

this is cute! I always seem to forget something!

Diann said...

Love this idea!

CaryManda said...

We did this for our kitchen to pantry door and it is fabulous! I love the black colour. The kids LOVE to colour on it. We use it for Happy Birthday signs as well as different happy holiday signs.
I'd highly suggest it to anyone! Be Brave! Do it! :)

Miss G said...

our backdoor is magnetic so I slap a mighty mini up there to hold paper things that I need to remember to take out. :) the chalkboard is fun. kelly

Lana said...

I am TOTALLY doing this! My outer doors are metal, too, so I'll have a magnetic chalkboard door. I should never forget anything again!

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Dawn said...

I could use this-although I tape notes to my door and I still forget stuff!

Thanks for following along on my blog and for visiting!!

Its So Very Cheri said...

I've thought about a chalkboard door--cute idea. If you get tired of it you can always paint it