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Real Simple Gourd Centerpiece

Jennifer from Hostess with the Mostest has a fun gig over at Real Simple. Yesterday she posted this beautiful Gourd Centerpiece:

And it is beautiful! I think part of the reason I fell in love with it is because I just scored 2 dozen of those cute little gourds for a PENNY each! You read that right! I am pretty sure they were supposed to be $1, but the sign said 1 cent. I checked with the produce manager and the cashier and they both said they were a penny, so I grabbed a ton! I bought a bunch of Indian corn as well. Three ears guessed it...a PENNY!

If you want to make this cute centerpiece, but don't have a three tier server, Jennifer even solves that dilemma for you. Ikea has one for $14.99. I love Ikea almost as much as my 1 cent gourds.


Lisa said...

This is great! And cheap! Two of my favorites!
Hugs, Lisa

Diann said...

Looks great. Haven't seen the Ikea piece yet....Life is so much better for us here since the Ikea went in a couple years ago. Off to Ikea again.

Liberty said...

WOW!! 1 cent a piece?! That will definitely make you have a great day!


Tami said...

Great idea! I just went to Ikea on Monday. My friend bought the tiered trays for her daughter's jewelry.
We went for tea lights and bought soooo much more.

Kris {The Freestyle Mom} said...

Awesome! I scored a dozen for 1 cent each, as well. I spray painted them and put them on the front porch. I'm so tempted to run out and by more. You can't beat the price!

Mrs Montoya said...

So, So, So Cute! I love this a lot. Thanks for sharing!