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Spooky Ornaments

This post should really be titled I am too impatient not to post about my crafty project and too lazy to take a picture with my good camera. See previous post for details.

So today (yesterday) I had a craft day with my in laws. Also known as an excuse to get together and have my mother in law make us tuna sandwiches for lunch. Everyone else wanted to make these cute mummies from Martha:

And I thought I would try my hand at these:

Long story short, I sort of forgot the mod podge step (um...OOPS) and wasn't happy with how the paint came out on my ornaments. So I went for a combination of the two crafts. And this is what I got:

The mummy, but ornament style. I painted the ornament black, wrapped it in torn pieces of muslin that I secured with a little mod podge, and then used a hot glue gun to stick on the eyes.

A ghost. This was used to hide an extra hideous paint job. I cut a circle out of the muslin, cut a hole in the too to string the ribbon through, and hot glued the eyes.

And this one was my favorite. For some reason the black paint worked really well. So I covered a couple of them with googley eyes and added them to the mix.

I have them all strung together on black ribbon and plan to hang them as a garland as soon as I can figure out what my husband did with the staple gun.


LunaMoonbeam said...

Oooh...good job! Now, where do you HANG Halloween ornaments? (And where did you find ornaments in October?! Surely the dollar store doesn't have them yet, do they?? I think my Christmas Tree Shop has some, but not the plain ones...)

rad6 said...

SOOOOO cute. And fun. I want a craft day! Can I come next time? PLEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!
Ok, it could be a little far, I just need to sit and do it... that would be fun!
lOVE THEM ALL, but that purple one makes me want to have a HALLOWEEN tree to decorate!
I think even Michaels has their ornaments out here. (CA)

Devri said...

I actually like your mummie better, mummies wrappings aren't suppose to be stuck that hard.. SO I vote you as queen!

Your ghost is swhaaweet!

And your ordiments came out better than mine.. lol won't be showing them to ya after all!lol

Lorie said...

Oh yes, the dollar store had them! And I decided on the project because Toots wanted ornaments too! I figured instead of fighting with her I would use them for a craft!

I let her win a LOT of battles yesterday! :D

Unknown said...

cute and I love the lighting on the last picture.

jennykate77 said...

Such cute ideas!! I really love the little mummies. :)

Unknown said...

The mummies....TOO CUTE!!! Thanks for the great idea!

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

Well your mistake turned out to be not such a mistake after all. The ornaments are too cute! It's nice to see something you've created after you show us all the great ideas all the time.

Anonymous said...

Totally fabulous! Such a great idea to use those Christmas ornament balls for Halloween!

We've been so busy, we've not even started to decorate for Halloween yet. This is late for us...

Tauni said...