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Manzanita Trees

My grandmother had branches from a Manzanita bush that she decorated for holidays. It was painted white and she would hang Easter Eggs and Hearts and Snowflakes on it to match the season.

And one day, without me knowing it, she threw it away!!

I have been on the hunt for a Manzanita branch ever since. And this weekend I am actually someplace where I might find one. And I found this pink centerpiece made from Manzanita on Hostess with the Mostest:

I think it is a sign.

I think if I find one I will have to paint it black for Halloween. And then I will be forced to put up Halloween decorations, even though I really should be packing!


Erin said...

cute! i made a halloween tree last year by spray painting a branch from my back yard. it looked great. you should definitely make one!

raveninthewolfden said...

OH, I think that looks wonderful!