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Halloween Twinkies

Your kids aren't the only ones who need costumes for Halloween. Twinkies can get dressed up too.

Monster Bride:


Tina said...

yumm!! I love twinkies!! And the mummy ones are adorable!!

Lerwill Mommy said...

How adorable, what did you use for the frosting on the twinkies?

Julie said...

I'm lovin' that bride of Frankenstein! What are the chances that mine could turn out THAT cute?

Kacey R. said...


The DIY Show Off said...

How cute! I wish my daughter would take packed lunches (not so cool for teens, I guess).


Lynn said...

Put these in a teen's lunch and they'll be a laughingstock. But serve them at a teen's halloween party and they'll be a big hit! Especially the mummies!