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Spider Web Balloons

I don't know what Hi-Float is, but I am going to find out because you need it to make these:

You can get the directions here.


Love the Decor! said...

Hi fun idea hi float is an additive florists use in with the helium to keep the balloons afloat longer. I personally have not seen it for sale locally but you can find it on line.

Roeshel said...

So cool! I wonder if it gives you a squeaky high pitched voice too? Sounds like it may give you a little more than that, huh? lol That does look like fun Halloween party decor though!


Laura said...

You can probably pick up Hi-Float at a party supply store, though you might just be better off to buy the balloons from a florist or party supplier with the hi-float and helium filled 75% full, unless you are filling a lot of balloons because even the smallest containers will likely cost $15 -$20 and that is before the cost of the balloons, helium or string... just a thought.

Beth @ Free Stylin' said...

SO cool!