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Oh My Funky Junk

Donna from Funky Junk Interiors commented on my last post with links to two things 'out of the ordinary' that she has hanging on her walls. And I knew I had to post them in case you didn't read the comments.

The first one I love. She has an old horse gate hanging in her entry as a coat rack:

And the second...well love isn't a strong enough word. If I could find an old sign RIGHT NOW I would steal this idea. Heck, if she invited me over to her house right now I might actually try to steal hers. The only two things that would stop me are 1) I want to be her new best friend and 2) I don't think there is anyway I could get it home from Canada.

I have been collecting headboard ideas for ages and this is my all time favorite:


You have to go check out the before and after of these rooms! And while you are at it you might want to check out her tutorial on how she made this board and batten back splash for her kitchen:


Unknown said...

Lorie, you are my favorite bloggist. You do all our foot work gathering all these great ideas!

That horse gate is incredible! And how about that headboard! I still don't have one and I'm collecting ideas, too (from you!!) Thank you so much for posting these fun ideas.


Alicia@Thrifty And Chic said...

I absolutely love vintage signs! That's a wonderful idea to use one as a headboard! I'll have to store that idea for later along with the million other ideas for headboards. This one's now at the top of my list though :)

You're great! Thanks

Mrs Anne said...

I love your blog
I love the ideas
Love the vintage stuff in this post! :)

Kristina P. said...

I LOVE the horsegate!

The Nice One said...

I love the horse gate. Wow. That's just fabulous.

Kristi said...

I might just try to kidnap HER!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

What a surprise to find all MY stuff over here! Thanks Lorie! Glad I was able to inspire a few gals.

Funky is flat out fun!

Funky Junk Donna

Karen said...

My daughter sent me to your blog when I mentioned I needed a headboard idea for a guest bedroom. I too LOVE the sign headboard. Now for the fun of finding a sign.