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Card Table Redo

If you have old, beat up folding tables that look like this:

You need to check out Fawn Dear's tutorial at Mommy Blessings to turn it into this:

She used fabric and 16 gauge clear vinyl to give them a new top. And you can choose any fabric, so you can give them any design you like.

Which got me thinking. I have a couple of tables that fell out of a trailer once upon a time. And I could redo the tops. Either with the fabric and vinyl, or with this tutorial for counter tops. The one that made these counters:

look like this:

I am sure it would work the same on a table!


Kendra@My Insanity said...

Did you see my kid's table redo? It's a lot like those card tables, except I actually used scrapbook (and wrapping)paper instead of fabric. Holding up so far.

lulu said...

I believe in the future enviro-tex will rule the world. So many problems are well served by a quart of the magical fluid