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No Commitment Painting

There really is no cheaper way to add punch to a room than paint. Like this foyer from The Urban Nest:

You really need to go to her blog and see the images larger...blogger hates me at the moment.

Anyway, back to the paint! But you may not want to make the commitment to actually painting it on the wall (or you may rent and not be allowed to make that commitment) so the next best thing is to paint the design on some MDF and hang it on your al a HGTV:

And that is actually pieces of a trifold door, but MDF is a cheap and easy alternative. They didn't even have to hang these on the wall. They just sat them up against the wall and used the bed to hold them into place.


J said...

Sorry to sound like an idiot but, what is MDF? Or at least, what does it stand for?

rad6 said...

I had the same question... what is MDF?
I am interested.

kadler said...

That MDF looks amazing! And I think MDF is just particleboard, right?

Funky Junk Interiors said...

MDF - medium density fiberboard. It's fake wood compressed inside with smooth sides on the outside. It's that stuff that swells like a balloon if you get it wet for any length of time.


Jenni said...

it looks great! i love the color!

also, thanks for saying my boys are sooo stinkin' cute! lol!

Alicia@Thrifty And Chic said...

That's a great tip! I'll have to remember that idea for a headboard when I finish our guest bedroom.

Lynn said...

It might also be great for a 'picture wall' if you don't want to put too many holes in your wall. Paint and mount the MDF and then hang your pictures/art on it.