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DIY Paper Trays

Monica at The Homespun Heart has a tutorial on her blog to turn regular patterned paper and some contact paper into cute fast food style paper trays:

It would be fun for a party, but is even a cute way to just serve lunch. And a good way to get rid of the abundance of patterned paper I have in my house. The only problem I foresee is Lou La trying to KEEP the paper tray. FOREVER! It will end up between her bed and the wall, where I recently discovered she hid all of her school work from last year so that I wouldn't throw any of it away. And since these won't fit in her art portfolio there is going to be a problem!


Sara said...

I have a child like that. Any and all things declared "cute" or that might have possibly been declared "cute" in the past must be saved. FOR. EVER.
But these really are "cute" and I could see myself using these for a little picnic.

Mrs Anne said...

these are adorable.

would be great for when i host scrapbooking weekends... they'd be great to keep everyone's snacks in! :)

Tricia said...

What a cool idea.

My kids get all protective of their school papers too. My explanation that I can not possibly keep EVERY paper than all 3 of them bring home for 13 years will not work out never flies. I just get "that look". ;)

Jennifer, A Self-Confessed Foodie said...

I just found your blog tonight and I love it! Thanks for all the great ideas!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Thanks for the link - hope you get to make some!