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Playroom Stage

I love this idea from BHG. They turned a nook into a stage by adding a curtain. How simple and HOW FUN!

They hung the curtains from a wire cable panel. And they even installed a 'spotlight'.

Add some pegs on the wall and a toy box and you have a dressing area backstage (and a good way to hide the dress up mess!

And if you look behind the performers they have a place to hang their art for scenery. But I am thinking they need a big white board or chalkboard behind them so that they can draw their scenery right on the wall.

But I guess that wouldn't allow quick for scenery changes mid show.


Indiri Wood said...

I love this idea! My boyfriend and I have 5 kids between us.

I'm moving in June and already picturing which room to put this in.

Kelly L said...

Very cute.. I miss the days of my kids' home "performances"


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Oh dear...this makes me want to rearrange my whole house to make this idea possible here. So brilliant!

Amy said...

Oh, man. My kids would flip. I see there is chalkboard on the side there...