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Lesson Learned at the Zoo

On Saturday we took advantage of Museum Day and went to the zoo..for FREE! Thank you Smithsonian Magazine for saving me $46! We had a great time!

First, I will have to say that the are some of the worst pictures I have ever taken. Even Photoshop couldn't help them. But that is okay, because I enjoyed the trip to thee zoo. I didn't worry once about how the pictures would come out. And it shows!

Here are the kiddos looking at the turtle pond. See the little guy in the bottom left. The kiddos watched him poo. They talked about it for 20 minutes!

They created a new viewing area for the elephants. When we first got there they were RIGHT where we could see them. By the time I got my camera out this was the only shot I could get. Elephant fanny.

My kids LOVED the birds. I personally always thought the birds were sort of the boring part of the zoo. Nothing against the birds, but it isn't an elephant or a lion. Hubby gave them a little history lesson about the bald eagle.

And you can't even tell this picture was taken at the zoo...but this would be the only reason I didn't LEAVE her at the zoo. Look at those lips! That is her new trick. She puckers up to give you a big smooch.

This zoo trip was just about perfect. But it almost didn't happen. We almost didn't go. We got caught up doing other things and it was 1:00pm before we were to a place that we could go. It would take us about an hour to get ready and get there, and the zoo closed at 4:00pm. Two hours just didn't seem worth the hassle. It didn't seem worth the work.

After himing and haing we decided it was free so we should just go! And we did. And I am so glad we did. Sometimes you have to just DO things. Forget about your expectations. Forget about all the reasons you can talk yourself out of it. Just go and be and do. I think this especially applies when you have kids. I know it does for me. There are so many times that I feel like I don't have enough time to do something the way I want to do it, so I don't do it at all. And I miss out on a lot of things because of it.

So in the worlds of whatever brilliant mind came up with the Nike slogan (which I hope whomever it was made a LOT of money!) Just Do It!


muirwoodsue said...

I love the photo of your daughter puckering up. You just want to kiss those lips! adorable. Love the sites on the cupcakes and halloween. I already bookmarked them. Looks like you had a great time at the zoo!

Candice said...

Words to live by- I need to remember them more often!

Kacey said...

I agree! You have to just let go sometimes and go do the stuff that matters. It looks like you did and that is awesome. We are planning a trip to the zoo soon - it won't be free but it sure will be fun. It will be our first trip so I can't wait to see their little eyes light up!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you had a great time at the zoo. I loved the pictures. You have a beautiful family.

Bramblemoon Farm said...

Oh my gosh, I NEED to kiss and smush those cheeks. She is ADORABLE! Kids love to laugh at poop. Not sure why--I guess it's just funny that animals poop. I always love the zoo; except when it's too hot and humid. Then I'm just a cranky zoo goer. BAHAHAHA

Carrie said...

Awwwww the kissy face is precious! :)

minnemom said...

Sometimes the best family fun is had when you're not sure it's going to work out. Glad you went, and glad you had a good time!

Amie said...

that pic is sooo cute!