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I am not obsessed with eyeballs

But I had to share one more! I know. Ewww. Gross. But it was a really good idea!

This one came from Not Quite Nigella. White fondant, red icing (buy the already made stuff in the little tube! Red icing is too much of a pain to make!!) and use a gummy lifesaver and a dab of black icing (again, get the premade stuff! The only thing harder than black icing is red icing!!) in the middle! Easy. Gross. Perfect for Halloween!

If you want it quick and easy, but the already made fondant. If you want it to be YUMMY make your own marshmallow fondant. (It taste like a circus peanut!)

You need:
16 oz mini-marshmallows
2-5 T water
2 lbs powdered sugar
½ c shortening (or more! Just keep the shortening out!!)

Put the marshmallows and 2 T of water in a microwave safe bowl. Nuke it for 30 seconds, stir, nuke it for 30 seconds more, stir, continue until it is melted. Dump 3/4 of the powdered sugar into the bowl. Then grease your ENTIRE work space with the shortening. Then grease your hands with shortening. Dump out the marshmallow/sugar mixture and kneed it like you would bread dough. You will know when it is done. It will look like this

Then coat the ball with shortening, wrap it in plastic wrap, put it in a Ziploc bag (squish all the air out) and put it in the fridge over night. It is messy, but really easy and CHEAP and fun! And your hands are really soft when you are done.

You will only need white for the eyes, but if you want to make another color, just add the gel food coloring and kneed it in. Wear gloves if you don't want your hands to turn colors) This stuff will last a good long time in the fridge if you wrap it up tight enough too!


Anonymous said...

Next time you come to visit teach me I know what you should bring with you. We can make cute Thanksgiving or Christmas signs.

Erin said...

When are we going to make fondant together?

Anonymous said...

Those look so good!

Noelle said...

This is so perfect! I was looking for something EASY to put together for our Halloween Party dinner and dessert. Thanks for the idea. How was Disneyland? Arrowhead?

[in training] julie b said...

Is this a fondant that is actually good to eat? With marshmallows I am assuming yes, but I wasn't sure if you use any regular frosting when you use the fondant for decorating. Thanks!

Kacey said...

Yea, I'm really not believing that you're NOT obsessed with eyeballs. You may want to talk to someone. lol What ever are you going to do when Halloween is over? I don't think they make eyeball Christmas ornaments...ok, I HOPE they don't. Because if they DO then I know you would find them. Ha! Ha! :o)

Michelle said...

M-Kay, I searched your blog for a fondant recipe before I googled one. Thanks!
Mady wants a Cinderella cake, whatever, the poor girl is getting the shaft on presents so I will have to bite the bullet and actually put some work into it.