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Halloween Birthday Cake

We are down to the wire and I have still not decided which cake/cupcake I am making for Toots first birthday. Since she is a Halloween baby, I want to have a Halloween themed cake, but I still want it to be a cute cake for a little girls first birthday.

I think this one from Martha might be the one:

Those cute tiny ghosts just made it hard to resist! I think the cake needs the black cake platter though. And I don't have one. Yet.

I think I am just going to make her a small ghost cake. Just for her. And for everyone else I might have to do a cupcake tower because there are just too many fun Halloween cupcakes to choose from. My current favorite are these bat cupcakes from I heart cuppycakes.

You frost the cupcake yellow (for the moon) and then decorate with chocolate bats. I was a little nervous about the bats until I saw this:

She printed of a picture of a bat and then put wax paper over it. She used melted chocolate to fill in the shape and then put it in the freezer to dry!

I think I am going to get started on the bats this afternoon (see how they go) so my cupcake nightmare is over. Now I just have to come to terms with the frightening fact that my baby will be one in only two more days.


Unknown said...

Wow you are a good mom! I love the cake and all your wonderful ideas! A halloween fun! You'll never have to think about a party theme. Have fun making your bats!

Anonymous said...

I love the ghost cake. That is too cute! Those bat cupcakes will be a hit. Have fun with all of your creations!