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Trix are for Kids

The cereal aisle is probably my least favorite aisle to take my kids down at the grocery store. I would rather take them to the toy aisle. In the toy aisle my kids see things they NEED to have, but they understand that if they want a toy they have to wait for a special occasion (ie. Christmas, Birthday, etc) or they have to fork out the money to buy it themselves. (we are mean like that! ;D) So you hear a lot of "oooh, I want that for my birthday" but that is about it.

Now the cereal aisle is totally different story. It's food! (well, if you can call some of it that) And you NEED food. You eat food EVERYDAY! It is bad enough that there are things with Cocoa and Fruity in the title, but toss a favorite princess or superhero on the box and they could stick dog food inside and my kids would still ask me if they can please have it!

I have done two things to stop the madness. First I have stopped taking my kids grocery shopping with me. At least the two that can talk. They are both in school in the afternoon, so I make sure to plan my trips then. But we have also instituted a Saturday Sugar Cereal rule. I buy a box of sugary goodness and the kids anticipate eating it everyday. And then on Saturday, if I don't feel like making pancakes, out comes the Trix (or Cocoa Krisipies, or whatever sugarful cereal was on sale last week) and they have the best breakfast of their entire lives.

Just ask them.


also known as shell said...

Once I was reading this book and it had a list of the top 20 worst foods and one of the big ones was captain crunch cereal. which is a shame because thats whats my favorite. Instead it suggested "Clifford Crunch" or something like that which I found in the organic section. I think it had minimal sugar, 5 g fiber and like a 7-8 grams of protein? but my kids still love it just the same.

Candice said...

Saturday Sugar Cereal is a great idea! I will have to remember that. If only I could get Ryan to stick to that rule!