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Another must sew item: Bed Organizer

I am thinking that with the right fabric this could be a really cute addition to Lou La's room. And a much needed one. Lou LOVES to play on her bed. She loves to read books and color and she really loves to leave all of her books and crayons on her bed so that when it is bedtime there is no room for her to sleep.

I think if I work this right she can tuck everything in the little organizer at bedtime and she will no longer have an excuse to stay up 'cleaning' for 15 minutes after her bedtime.

True, I could just make her clean off her bed after dinner. That would be the most responsible parent thing to do. But a) that would require me to remember and b) I wouldn't have an excuse to try to sew this cute organizer!

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Erin said...

I have a pattern for this that I just got in an Amy Butler book! Let me know and we'll make it together!