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I can't cut my own vinyl...

(unless I win the Cricut Expression)...but I can cut my own fabric!!

Michael Miller (who my sister-in-law told me about) has some SUPER CUTE FABRIC!! He also has a blog. And on his blog he shows you how to get fabric to stick you your wall using fabric starch.

On his blog he did an entire wall and used fabric instead of wall paper. (The nice thing is that it is removable, so a LOT easier to take down than wall paper...although doing an entire wall would be PRICEY! Unless you are Michael Miller and it is your fabric. But I am not Michael Miller. And I have to pay $5.99-12.99 a yard for my fabric.

BUT! You can do fun little things with just a little bit of fabric! Little Birdie Secrets posted about doing a vinyl applique on your wall.

I don't think Lou La would want a sheep...but some fabric flowers might be cute!!


also known as shell said...

very cute! I'm going to add this to my list. I really really like Micheal Miller fabric

Kacey said...

How am I EVER going to thank you for introducing me to this lovely blog? Oh my goodness! My NEW FAVE!I'm obsessed now - there are so many great things on there AND tutorials? HELLO! Doesn't get much better than that.

I'm going to have to blog about this Monday and link over to you. That would be nice right? :o) Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! You ROCK!

Lorie said...

His fabrics are too cute! I love the Children Toile!!

Lorie said...

I am glad you like him! Don't get into too much trouble! ;D