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Wouldn't it be nice if someone would pay you to clean your own house!!

I have always thought I would be SO much more motivated to clean my house if I was getting paid to do it! Wouldn't you? I might even like it MORE than having a maid! Because I don't really want someone seeing my house when it is dirty! So I would so be one of those people that cleaned BEFORE the maid got there! And that is just a waste!

So, here is your CHANCE to get paid for cleaning! I am SERIOUS!!

5 Minutes for Mom has a challenge every Tuesday encouraging you to tackle a specific task and then blog about it. Tackle it Tuesday!:

Well in October CLR is sponsoring one of their Tackle It Tuesdays!! Go here to find out how to get your FREE bottle of CLR Kitchen and Bath (I forgot to tell you that your cleaning supplies are free TOO!)

Then in October you blog about your cleaning experience (bad or good) reviewing the product and you are entered to win this:

They are giving away three, not one, not two, but three $100 cash prizes!

Free cleaner, a clean kitchen and bathroom and possibly $100 for doing it! So look forward to reading about me cleaning my kitchen and bathroom next month! I am sure it will be riveting!!

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