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This is my fourth day of school.

Today walking Lou La to school she told me it was her fourth day of school. She is keeping a close count. She tells me everyday.

I asked her if she liked going to school. She said yes. Although the only thing she has really talked to me about are the snacks. Love this girl!

So I dropped her off on the playground and asked her if she wanted me to stay. She told me I could go. And I almost did. But I waited. And I watched. And she walked around alone for a bit. And then she went and sat in the sand box under the tree and played in the sand alone. And it broke my heart. I watched and she played. She looked around a lot, but didn't go up to anyone.

I left just before the bell rang.

She has such a strange personality. She is so funny and outgoing and crazy. But she is very delicate and shy inside. They are traits that don't really go together, so I often forget.

So she played alone. But I think she was okay. And it is a good thing to feel comfortable alone. Right?

I just want them to grow up and be comfortable in their own skin. I want them to know how wonderful they are and I want them to be great people. Nice and fun and kind. The same thing that most people want for their kids. But you can only do so much. I can't sit on the playground with her. At least not everyday. Even though I want to. And I would. And that is what is going to kill me. They are growing up. They have to go out into the world, even if it is just a small corner of the world, all by themselves. And I have to let them.

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