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I think I freaked him out!

The boy has a habit of picking off his scabs. I know that sounds gross, but he is a boy. That is what they do, right? In all honesty I remember doing the same as a kid and, well, I am not even a boy! So maybe it is just what kids do.

Well the last time he did it I told him I told him that it wasn't a good idea to remove a scab before it was ready. I told him a scab is like a band aid that your body makes for you. It keeps out the germs until your body has a chance to fix itself.

He then asked me what would happen if germs got inside. I explained infections.

He has shown me his knee three times asking me questions about the way it looks? He is worried about an infection.

Poor kid! I guess I gave him a little too much info! :P

So we had another conversation about infections. And antibiotics. Hopefully I won't be inspecting his scab anytime soon.

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