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This Isn't Working!

So the girls share a room. That makes sense right? Yeah, it isn't working.

Toots is pretty new to the sleeping through the night thing. There is crying associated with the falling asleep and I have to try to work their bedtimes so that Toots is asleep before Lou La needs to be in bed. I have yet to try just sticking them in there together, but I highly doubt anything good would come from that.

Then there is Lou La's new obsession with getting out of bed 100 times. Not just the typical before she falls asleep routine. Can I have a teensy weensy drink of water. My tummy hurts, can I have a Minty medicines? (this one is new since I let her have her first Tums! The girl is now addicted!) I have to go potty? Yeah, not just those. She has now added the middle of the night round of getting out of bed. And of course this wakes Toots up.

Lou La has been sleeping all over the place. On the couch, in her brother's room, on the floor, in my bed. Poor girl needs a home.

So I am debating having her share a room with the boy. I originally was going to do it when Toots was born, but decided against it because the boy likes his 'private time'. But I really don't know what else to do. I honestly have no desire to move all that furniture either.

Argh! I just don't know what to do!

Anyone have any suggestions? Other than having my Dad come and build more rooms! (which if I had the money I might just do!!)


KaraLyn said...

I say have them share a room. Maddy sleeps most often in Tyler's room. He has a bunk bed so she sleeps on one bed, yet she has a bed in her's & Macee's room as well. This works well for us, seeing Maddy & Tyler usually stay up reading when Macee is to go to sleep.

Salsa Mama said...

I so feel your pain! I think Karalyn's suggestion was good. Loula could just sleep in her big bro's room, but still keep the other room as the "girls" room during the day. We went through the whole sleeping in the living room thing when we were teaching our little man to sleep through the night. It took several months, (almost a year maybe??) but now they are all able to sleep in the same room. Hang in there! :)

Anonymous said...

I've had a lot of friends mention this kind of thing lately. I read some books that really helped me tack my kids how to sleep.

The secrets of the baby whisperer and the secrets of the baby whisperer for toddlers.

I have both but they are lent out right now, and someone else has dibs when I get them back, but B&N has them. Take a look and maybe she will have some ideas that will help you.