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I scream, you scream

we all scream for ice cream. For dinner.

One of the things left on our list of things to do this summer was ice cream for dinner. We took care of that tonight.

Hubby is off at Girl's Camp tonight. (Tonight is the night that the Bishopric goes up to have dinner with the girls) It was just me and the kiddos. I didn't feel like cooking, so ice cream sounded like the perfect solution.

The kiddos and I headed to Streamers. It is a yummy ice cream parlor in Gilbert. We each ordered a dessert and shared.

Classic Split: Vanilla, chocolate & strawberry ice cream, chocolate, pineapple and strawberry sauces, toasted almonds and whip cream.

U.S. Mint: Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, chocolate sauce, Mint cookie crumbles, whip & a chocolate coin on top.


Want S’More: A camping classic. Graham Crackers, marshmallow and chocolate sauces, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and a graham on top.

We also split an order of their hand cut fries. YUUUUUUUM! The kids kept joking about how they were in Heaven. Sugar Heaven. And when we were done I let them pick out a candy for dessert. Streamers also has a lot of old fashioned candy. Lou La got Rock Candy and The Boy got Taffy. I let them have them in the car to which Lou replied: I am still in Heaven in the car!

They were so cute to watch and had such a great time. This is definitely something we will have to do once every summer.

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