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Same scene, different year.

Two and a half years ago I stood in my front yard and waved to my best friend as she drove away in the sunset. She moved over 1,000 miles away. I seriously felt like a teenage girl that had just been dumped by her boyfriend. I think I moped around like one for a week too.

This morning I stood in my front yard and watched her drive away again. This time the sun was rising. And she was in a different car. Everything else felt about the same.

Last weekend she attended a family reunion in Pine and my kiddos and I got to drive up on Monday and spend the good part of the week with them. It was a BLAST! The weather was beautiful. The kids played outside and got filthy dirty all day and then came inside for a bath at night. We ate lots of junk food. She taught me some fun stuff on photoshop. We stayed up too late talking.

Yesterday we drove back to my house to spend the night. Ate some Filebertos (her favorite Arizona food), I taught her some stuff on Itunes. We stayed up too late.

The funny thing is neither of us took a single picture. Not one. She is a photographer and I just take too many pictures in general. But we didn't take one. We talked about it. We even planned the shots we wanted. Naked baby in the woods. Us on the funky Gold chair with the 'Friendship Is Golden' cross stitch from the cabin wall. I never even took my camera out of the bag. Hers sat on a shelf the entire time.

But I am not sad. Not about the pictures at least. Not taking pictures made it feel like the good old days. The days when I saw her every day and we didn't need to take pictures. It was just every day stuff.

Now I am off to mope around like a teenage girl for a bit before I have to do laundry and clean the house.

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Michelle R said...

I typed out a long sappy comment to leave and then the computer PMS'd on me and I lost it all! It was so lovey dovey and sweet. I just wanted to let you know how much I truly love you. Spending that time with you in the woods was a blast and it meant a lot to me! Thanks for letting us take over your house. Thanks for not getting any sleep. Thanks for being my bestest friend in all the land. LOVE YOU!!!!!