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Where have I been? (also known as a really long post about mowing the yard)

I have not been a very good blogger lately! I wish I had some really good excuse like I was out saving the world...or even just cleaning out my garage. But mostly I have just been tired. So tired in fact that yesterday after dinner I went to bed. It was 5:30pm. I had to get up a few times with the girls, but when I woke up at 7:30am in the morning I could have EASILY stayed in bed for a few more hours.

Did I mention I am tired.

I was a good girl and went to the gym today AND played Wii Fit.

We went to Costco and spent twice as much as we usually do, so I told Hubby he wasn't allowed to shop with me at Costco anymore. I blame the excess on his bad influence.

I mowed the entire yard, front and back, all by myself for the first time. I thought it was something I should do before I turn 30. It was never my job to mow the yard as a kid. And when we first got married we had a pretty dang small back yard (that I did mow once or twice, but the thing was TINY!). The front yard was maintained by the HOA. That was a sweet gig! The second house we lived in I mowed the back yard once or twice, but Hubby always did the front. When we moved into this house there was a cute square patch of grass in the back yard. Most of the yard (which is pretty dang big) was rock because there were three citrus trees. One of them being the largest grapefruit tree I have EVER seen in my life! So we finally have some decent grass in at least part of the back yard and it needed to be mowed. So I did it. And the front is usually taken care of by a neighbor boy we pay (worth every penny!) but I think he was camping with his dad this weekend and it REALLY needed to be cut. And since I already had the mower out...well you get the picture. Anyway, that was a really long paragraph explaining the whole lawn cutting thing...but that is pretty much what I did today.

Besides that I made dinner and almost burned it because I was looking at CHA releases (scrapbooking) online. Never try to look at new scrapbooking stuff when you are cooking dinner.

Now I am getting ready to play Wii Fit again and Hubby is going to see the new Batman movie with his mom. (The only time he could get tickets was 11:15 pm and if I stay up that late my 14 hours of sleep will have been a waste!

I hope your weekend was as exciting as mine! ;D

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