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A Qwick Ketchup

(or a quick catch up)

There are only two weeks until school starts. I have no idea where the summer went, but I want it back! The next two weeks will be wasted on back to school preparations. *sigh* So sad!

Toots now has two teeth. The second one just appeared out of no where. She has had it for about a week I think. She looks so cute with her two teeth grin.

I got absolutely NONE of my projects done this summer. My garage still needs to be cleaned out. I still need to sort through ten tons of baby clothes. I still need to add 1000 CDs to my itunes library. The list goes on and on and on. And I really don't care. I can always do them later. Right? Right now I want to go swimming with my kids!

I learned a ton of fun photoshop stuff from my friend Michelle while we were together. I am a little addicted to Actions at the moment.

Hubby introduced me to Flair on Facebook. I am a LOT addicted to that at the moment. It is like collecting buttons. I love buttons. I had buttons all over my backpack in high school. The name of this blog actually came from one of those buttons! I got it in Washington DC.

When I decided to post on my blog tonight I had a TON of stuff I wanted to type about. I can't remember any of it right now.

I am tired.

Good night.

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