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Ode to my DVR

DVR and Tivo might be one of the best inventions ever! Okay, electricity, the wheel, indoor plumbing...all great too. But *sigh* I love DVR! Love it! I love that I can tape shows that come on late at night to watch later. I love that I can fast forward through commercials. I love..well I love EVERYTHING about it. The only thing I DON'T love is the $1560 I pay to my lovely cable company each year.

Every once in a while my cheap bone rears it's ugly head.

Occasionally I also feel guilt about the ratio of time spent watching television to those spent doing other things.

In the unfortunate event that these two occur at the same time it causes me to do crazy things. Causes me to make rash, impulsive, hasty, reckless decisions. (You see where this is going don't you?)

Yesterday I called and canceled the beauty that is DVR. It took me about 2 hours to regret it and I am still trying to keep myself from calling the cable company and begging for them to cancel the work order.


But alas I am going through with it. Today we are surrendering our beautiful DVR box to the cable man. And we will learn the very hard lesson that sometimes it is NOT better to have loved and lost.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.


Michelle said...


clearly, you have.

why on God's green earth are you paying so much for DVR??? Did you cancel your TV entirely?????

that's nuts. I will pray for you. But so that you get rid of the cheap bone and regain some sense. GET YOUR TIVO BACK...crazy lady.

Lorie said...

That was my entire cable bill. They worked their cable magic on me when I set it up...

I have internet, phone, and digital cable with some goodies (like DVR) so it is pretty pricey. Not too bad when you consider it is everything non utility in my house...but still!

Day one wasn't too bad...but we weren't home all day. And now the Wii is going.

Maybe I won't even miss it.

Yeah, who am I kidding!

john and steph said...

I will be thinking of you. That would be so hard, I too love my DVR.