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A Big Day

Yesterday was a big day around here.

The boy touched the drain for the first time. We have been working on our diving this summer. He is just getting too big!!

Lou La swam across the entire pool by herself. Pretty amazing considering a week ago she wouldn't let me take her swimmies off without throwing a fit. Amazing what girls will do for Dad!

She also started diving for rings. Hers were only on the second step and only required her to put her face in the water, but again, that is a big step for her! I was super proud of her and she was being so goofy! A side of her she doesn't show very often!

Toots...well I wish I could report that she slept through the night. This is where you insert your laughter because we are not even close. *sigh* That girl! God makes them cute for a reason!

So fun!

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Unknown said...

A big round of applause(clapping in a circle) for the boy and Lou La. That's a big accomplishment. Whoo Hoo! As for toots, I think that is a third child syndrome. My first two started sleeping through the night between 4 and 6 weeks old and my third was 2yrs old before he wasn't getting up at least once in the night! So good luck with that =)