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Ba Ba

Toots added a new sound to her repertoire! Ba Ba Ba Ba

Too bad she won't take one!!


Katie said...

My girls never - and I mean NEVER, not ONCE, took a ba ba. It was either (1) Mom or (2) Mad Screaming. Sigh...

john and steph said...

Well she should be able to play the scrabble game in no time with her vocabulary growing in titanic proportions. To play the game you need the scrabble letters from 1 or 2 sets depending on how many people you want to include. Then you turn all the tiles upside down in the middle of the group. To start the game everyone picks 7 tiles and then tries to make words out of the 7 that were picked up. You position these letters just as you would in a crossword or a scrabble game only you each are only working on your own group and you do not count up the score. Once someone has used all of the tiles that person would say "Go" at which point everyone has to select another tile from the center and add this to the pile of letters you must use to form words. If you need to change the arrangement to fit the new letters in you can. The goal is to be the one who has used all the letters in your pile and say "Go" when all the tiles in the middle have been used. you can email or call if you have more questions.