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Bedroom Tea Party

Obviously someone (*cough*cough*me*cough*cough*) just got their pottery barn catalogs in the mail!

And there are no words to describe the way I feel about these lamps.

and I am not a lamp person.

There are two lamps in my entire house. One of them is just really a light bulb on a stick! The glass was broken and I haven't replaced it. My husband hates that lamp. The rest of the lighting in our home comes from the ceiling.

I have a feeling the girls are going to have the cutest room in the house. One of these days! You know, after I win the lottery or my rich Aunt Velma (who doesn't it will have to be someone else's rich Aunt Velma) dies and leaves me her entire fortune.

I don't think I can recreate this sucker either. It is actually made out of aluminum and then painted. I don't know where to get aluminum teacups. Do you?
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