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Art Portfolio

Lou La loves to draw. And color. And paint. And scrapbook. And cut up paper and glue it back together again. Or tape it back together. And then stamp on it. And then leave it on the dinning room table.

She has been off of school for three days because of parent teacher conference and has taken over the entire dining room. She goes back to school tomorrow and it is time to reclaim that portion of the house. The problem is that there isn't enough room on my fridge for all of her art. And if she were to catch me throwing any of it away I would immediately be demoted to the worst mom in the world. So here is what works for us in our house!

I bought her one of these:
Not this one exactly. This one is from Storables (we will talk about how much trouble I could get into at that store in a later post!! I might have to go get her this one since it is pink!! Maybe for Valentine's Day!) But she has something similar.

This is her portfolio. I explained to her how all artists keep their work in a portfolio so that they can show it to other people and so that it doesn't get thrown away by their mom or torn up by their baby sister. The rule is that if I find art that isn't in her portfolio (or on the fridge) then that tells me it isn't important to her and it is okay if I throw it away. She keeps it next to her bed and it has saved a lot of tears. From her and me!

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