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Heart Pancakes

Valentine's Day is on a Saturday this year, so I decree that everyone should make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.

If you don't have one of these:
keep your eyes open at the dollar store or the dollar spot at Target. That is where I found mine.

Or you can just make regular circle pancakes and do this:

with a cookie cutter!

Last year we did chocolate chocolate chip pancakes. I mean it is Valentine's Day and you should be able to eat as much chocolate as you can keep down! But this year I think we are going to do regular buttermilk pancakes with raspberries, whip cream, and bittersweet ganache!



Anonymous said...

Yummy! I love pancakes!

Lorie said...

You seriously need to have bittersweet ganace on them! Buy some bitter sweet chocolate and whipping cream. Heat the cream, melt the chocolate in it, drizzle over the pancakes and you will be very happy you did!

Georgia Girl said...

Thanks for the idea...I just hope hubby is not working on Valentines Day this year!

Kristina P. said...

At The Dollar Store? That's awesome!

Reborn said...

How adorable! These would be a fun, easy dessert too. I'm in! :)

Unknown said...

i love this idea but it would be even better if i have my grandbabies spend the night!

Erin said...

What a cute idea! Kids always eat things better when they are cut into cute shapes. I might do this with their cheese sandwich at lunchtime too!

Amy said...

I just spread the batter on the griddle in the shape of a heart. It works too. I do this a lot with any old shape I can come up with and the kids love it!