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Frozen Buttercream Transfer Tutorial [How to Decorate a Cake]

Hello Kitty Cupcakes from Where Is The Laugh Track

I always love a new technique for decorating a cake.  Sometimes they are only new to me, but I still love them.  The newest idea (that I know isn't new) is frozen buttercream transfers.  I had never even heard of it until I saw these cute Hello Kitty Cupcakes on Gretchen's blog.

She has a great tutorial showing how she created her frozen buttercream transfers over on Where is the Laugh Track.  And if you want to check out some other cake decorating tutorials, I would suggest diy icing combs, how to frost a cake, and how to make marshmallow fondant.


Kori said...

What a great idea! Kori xoxo

Katrina said...

Hello Kitty is my oldests fav